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  • College Essays

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    The college essay is the most time- consuming component of a college application. Although it is only one of the nine components, it is the most intimidating one for most students.

    This online course analyzes the most common prompts, teaches you how to brainstorm ideas, how to write each draft, and how to write an impressive personal statement that showcases your positive characteristics.

  • School list

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    How to generate a school list that fits me? Am I shooting the moon or am I too conservative? How do I know if a school fits me or not? Should I early apply to some schools? What do I do now that I am deferred?

    If those questions puzzle you, then you may consider taking Lehren Education’s ” school list” course.

    The course will teach you how to do self-reflection and find out your needs.

    It will give you a proven methodology to conduct research and offer you tips on what to do if you get a deferral or get put on a waiting list, all with a cost-effective $88.

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